CII’s Annual Session 2018

8 April, 2018
  • Location: New Delhi, India

Event Details

The CII Annual General Meeting 2018, a two-day conference with the theme of “Building a Better India Together: Responsible, Inclusive and Ahead” was held on 8-9 April 2018. The vibrant conference was a meeting place for some of the brightest minds in the country including ministers, top government officials, industry leaders, and academics, among others, who shared meaningful insights on diverse subjects, all concerning the overall development of the country.

The theme of the session was based on the current economic scene and national priorities. Multiple sessions included macroeconomic issues such as fiscal policy and the financial sector, trade policies, urban and rural development, smart technologies, ease of doing business, and environmental reforms as well as socio-economic issues such as delivering better justice and improving governance, among many others.

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