Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia

Avaada is a driving force in the energy transition.

In its mission to lead the energy transition, Avaada is spearheading the development of Green Hydrogen & Green Ammonia to meet the demand for decarbonization in sectors such as hard-to-abate sectors, fertilizers and heavy transport. The company has entered the market with the capacity of 1MTPA Green Ammonia production and aims to become the world leader in this sector. Avaada is addressing the technological challenge of producing and supplying green hydrogen from clean energy sources, using a technology that will be competitive much sooner than expected.

According to reports from International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), Hydrogen will make up 12% of the energy mix by 2050. About 66% of this hydrogen used, must come from water instead of natural gas, At present, less than 1% of hydrogen produced is green hydrogen. Hydrogen finds use in various processes like refining crude oil in oil refineries, in the furnace for steel production, fertilizers production, and methanol production. With various countries committing to net-zero by 2050, it is expected that Green Hydrogen will play a major role in providing an alternate renewable fuel source besides also helping to decarbonize current hydrogen production facilities.

Avaada is well-positioned to leverage its renewable energy capabilities and is looking to partner with the right organizations to develop multiple projects in the Green Hydrogen and Green Ammonia space.

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