We are committed to providing affordable, clean, and abundant power for the country. For us, it is a new journey—a journey fuelled by our passion for sustainable energy and backed by the trust of our stakeholders.

Our experience sets us apart Avaada is a leader in the executionof renewable energy projects. On the back of our team's proven Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) capabilities,We have a long tradition of building complex solar and wind projects across diverse geographies. These projects have gone on to be accredited and certified by international organizations. Armed with robust technical know-how and industry experience, each project conceptualized, built, and operated has set benchmarks in project management and optimal plant performance. Meeting infrastructural and quality standards, the team of Avaada was first in India to have I achieved renewable energy installed capacity of 1 GW.

Our impeccable track record can be seen from the long list of solar and wind power projects built by our team. The precedence will follow, as Avaada will do projects at lower than budgeted cost and achieve financial profitability, which is essential for propagating the increased adoption of renewable energy technologies.

Providing the entire gamut of services. This includes delivery of end-to-end project implementation support to clean energy developers (in-house & third party customers) through land acquisition, liaising, permits & clearances, evacuation infrastructure, and turnkey EPC solutions supported by project financing facilitation. We have an in-house capability to undertake engineering support services viz. designing clean energy power projects, conducting design reviews, construction supervision support, etc.

Innovation is our driving force. AVAADAcontinues to focus on changes in the areas of reducing project timelines and improving the efficiency of operations. The team has numerous patents in different aspects of project engineering and design. Our innovative spirit in solar project development has been lauded and awarded in the past. We will firmly establish our image as a game-changer and continue to achieve excellence in design, engineering, and project development consistently.

Avaada is embarking on a new journey towards bringing sustainable energy for the country. As the demand for renewable resources of energy is growing, we will be initiating mega projects to meet future challenges.

Our team possesses the experience and expertise of building and operating some of the most significant solar and wind projects across 10 geographically and culturally diverse states.

World-class Projects. Experienced Team. Sustainable Future. In the last few years, India has been at the forefront of renewable energy capacity addition. The demand hasincreased -so has the capacity. With the government's apparent intent to promote the renewable energy sector, we will play a pivotal role in meeting the increasing need for sustainable energy. The same team that had envisioned and executed some of the most significant projects in India will be at the helm of paving the way for Avaada's future plans.

Avaada's vision is to generate clean and sustainable energy and set up environment-friendly power plants. We aim to do this by harnessing the abundant resource of wind and solar energy in India.

In the next few years, we will be setting up mega projects to generate thousands of megawatts of power in a phased manner. Our engineering team has demonstrated the ability to design, engineer, and build renewable projects with high-performance outputs and low-cost delivery.

We will be focusing on green technologies to provide sustainable energy for all, with an inclusive growth strategy aimed at the social, economic, and environmental sustenance in everything we do.

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