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Harness Power of the Sunfor Net-Zero Electricity Bill

Over the years, Avaada has garnered expertise in leveraging every square-feet of roof space to maximize efficiency while producing clean electricity. In the wake of environmental preservation, aware & responsible businesses are shifting towards deploying solar rooftop projects to reduce their carbon footprint and power costs. It’s time to turn your vacant roof space into a green powerhouse with us.



We tailor rooftop solar power solutions for Schools, Universities, Hospitals & Municipal buildings.

Show your commitment to Mother Earth: Choosing solar power is a display of your dedication towards preserving our planet. Enlist yourself as a responsible institution that is motivated to make this world a better place.
Bringelectricity costs to zero Electricity prices go-up every year. Public welfare institutions need protection against rising energy costs. With Avaada’s support, you can attain a net-zero charge in your electricity bills.


Avaada's team understands the pressures on small & medium-sized enterprises. Our Solar rooftop solutions enlist you as a sustainable company and significantly

bringdown your electricity costs.
More savings, better cashflow: Why spend on coal-based power, pay higher tariffs, and bear the burden of higher carbon footprint? Solar energy protects you against rising electricity costs and saves you a significant monthly amount.
Earn trust: Win the confidence of your stakeholders by staying resolute towards clean-energy. Enterprises that take eco-friendly actions bolster trust among the public & their stakeholders.


Why Avaada?

Our unparalleled experience yields consistent results for our clients. Avaada is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) with 2 GW portfolio with a target of 11 GW capacity by 2025. Our commissioned solar power projects are delivering exceptional performance consistently that showcases strong EPC & O&M capabilities. Driven by strong values and a highly competent team, Avaada is on the tracks to disrupt the Renewable Energy domain in the Asian region.

  • The Most Trusted Solar Brand In India
  • Present in 39 Locations Across India
  • World Class high-efficiency modules
  • A decade of experience in rooftop installations
  • Helping institutions to go solar
  • Proven track record in solar rooftop

Avaada proudly boasts of serving varied corporations with its expertise in renewable energy

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