Utility Solar

Avaada is well-known for executing some of the country's most significant ground-based solar power projects for clean energy at scale. We have an ambitious target as we aspire to have an operational capacity of 11 GW Solar power capacity by 2025.

AVAADA is a leading developer of renewable energy projects. Our team has proven Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC) capabilities. Building complex solar projects across diverse geographies is our specialty. These projects have been accredited and certified by international organizations in the past. Armed with robust technical know-how and industry experience, each project that is conceptualized, built, and operated has set benchmarks in project management and optimal plant performance. Meeting infrastructural and quality standards, the team at AVAADA has built India's largest portfolio of solar power projects.

Our Strengths

Avaada takes pride in its engineering & innovation acumen. We are pioneers and have developed in-house robotic cleaning of solar panels. We have also introducedthe floating solar plant project to the Indian market.With the latest breakthroughs like ground-mounted cabling, single-axis trackers, fixed-tilt structures, etc., we aim to continuously innovate to reduce project timelines and improve our operations' overall efficiency.

AVAADA alsoholds several patents domain of engineering and design. We have firmlyestablished our image as a game-changer and continue toachieve excellence in design, engineering, and projectdevelopment.Our persistent values have garnered us many accolades & awards and form our organization's core strength.

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